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Pucker Up! The official online home of Tristan Taormino
My mission is to educate people of all genders and sexual orientations in their pursuit of healthy, empowering, and transformative sex and relationships. I spread my pleasure-positive message through my books, videos, writing, teaching, and coaching. with lube + affection, Tristan Taormino

The Sssh Toy Store
Sex toys have come a long way since leather, polished stone, and wood phalluses. They are a wonderful and affordable way to keep your sex life new and exciting. But what's the best one for you, the choices seem endless and overwhelming at best. We hope we have made your sex toy shopping easier, by teaming up with the great folks at "Libida provides a unique place for women - a safe and stimulating environment where women can purchase individually tested and rated adult products with ease and confidence and explore their sexuality in a positive and imaginative way. Libida's staff includes trained and licensed therapists, sexologists and medical professionals.", is a women's sexuality store with a quality selection of toys, books and videos. Privacy and discretion guaranteed.

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WorldWIT's premier blogs allow you to share experiences and read commentary and observations about the challenges, rewards, and strategies of being a working woman. We have a variety of issues and blogs to choose from.

Bored with your bob? Frustrated with your frizz? If you want to do something exciting with your hair but aren't sure what, this site has thousands of galleries for inspiration. Anyone for a mullet?

Dream Moods
An unintentionally hilarious dream interpreter that takes things a bit too literally. Dream of a sailor and you may be ready to venture into deeper waters. Dream of a salad and you are longing for nature. Dream of a salami and…OK, let’s not go there

The Womens Institute
Are you into shoes, partying and career progression? Then steer well clear. The WI site deals with the important things in life - like crafts, cookery and community projects. Go, girl - make that jam!

Women to Women
Women deserve accurate, honest answers about their health concerns. Our innovative health assessments give you that in five minutes or less. Once you submit your answers you’ll have access to your personalized health profile, including guidance on improving your health — based on our 25 years of clinical experience.

Holistic Online
The online home for all of us who believe that anything shy of a broken leg can be cured with something plucked from the garden. Advice and information on everything from herbal remedies to humour therapy.

Women's Aid
The website of Women's Aid, a charity that works to end domestic violence against women and children. A very worthwhile click.

Salsa and Merengue
They say salsa is like sex with your clothes on. This great online resource will teach you the basics (with video clips so you know you're doing it right) before you get sweaty with a stranger

Blogs By Women
Blogs By Women: A directory of weblogs written by women from all over the world

If you've spent a fortune on expensive perfume and still smell like a wet dog, this page will tell you where you are going wrong

Virtual Makeover
Pick a face that matches yours or scan in your photo. Then try out new hairstyles and make-up in the virtual world before splashing out hard earned cash in the real one.

Laughter Yoga
Now this is the ticket. It’s a kind of yoga, but instead of all that painful stretchy stuff, you spend half an hour giggling like a schoolgirl. Apparently, it’s good for you.

Celebrity news, dating, diets and more..!

Spa Seekers
Summertime, and the living is easy. Well, it is if you can spend it pampering yourself at some of Britain's best spas and health farms. If you can't, you can drool at how the other half lives at this site for sore eyes, backs, muscles, brains…

Yoga Journal
Forget the Lotus position, if stretching to put on your trainers is as supple as you get, practice at home before risking humiliation at a yoga class. This site even has tips for doing yoga at your desk

Loving You
A collection of love, romance and relationships resources including advice, poetry, quotes, dedications, chat, horoscopes, romantic ideas, message boards, free love postcards and much more!!

How To Look Good
If you don't have time to keep up with latest trends, let fashion wiz Caryn Franklin do it for you. Apparently, this season's looks include "nautical" and "twenties femme". Time to chuck out the Lycra leggings, then.

Women's Football
With all this footy going on, a timely reminder that the women's game is better than ever. If the events in Portugal have inspired you (and you don't mind breaking a nail or two), it includes ways of getting involved.

Healthy Eating
It's from the Government and it contains all the latest information about what to eat, how much, and when to eat it. We are reliably informed that John Prescott had no involvement in the creation of this site. - The web's complete library of sexuality and erotica
Pornography can be one of the delights of life: it can be arousing, it can be fun figuring out what kinds you like, it can sometimes be a way for partners to get ideas for things they might like to try together, and some of it is good for a laugh. Pornography can enhance masturbation, and masturbation can be used to either learn to reach orgasm more easily or to learn greater orgasmic control. The problem is that not all porn is well-done. And, unlike mainstream movies and books, typically neither your morning newspaper nor everyday conversation will point you towards the better stuff. As such our hope is that the following guide saves you time.

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